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Make your blog a money producing machine

Posted by Ajay singh at 1:09 AM

How to make a blog for long lasting income

Making blogs nowadays is a very common and easy task for everyone. But if you are thinking to make a blog for earning money then you should follow below tag lines for maximization of your blog profit. There are many ways to earn with your blog but before earning good revenue from your blog on daily basis you will have to work harder to make a professional blog.

  1. Research for the main niche of your blog

If you are really wanted to make a blog that can help in your financial condition then you are having two choices: You can make a micro niche blog or a niche blog. According to the experts micro niche blogs are more profitable as compared to the normal niche blog. But if you are a newbie then never go with the micro niche blog in the first attempt. You should choose a niche of your blog in such a way so that you can write on that topic on daily basis without repeating the same articles you wrote earlier. You can make thousands of dollars with your blog on monthly basis but you should be consistent in your hardwork.

  • Design a perfect layout for your blog

  • You should choose a perfect professional looking blogger template for earning good revenue from your blog. As people love to stay on blogs or websites which are maintained and designed in a perfect manner. There are hundreds of websites available online from which you can download blogger templates for free, you can also change widgets according to your need and requirement in your blog template. If you have a beautiful template with useful content then your blog visitors start visiting your blog on daily basis and help you to get maximum revenue from your blog.

  • Best advertisements slots for Adsense

  • Earning good money from blog is not possible without the revenue sharing program of Google . Google provides a very good platform for the publishers or website owners to earn a good amount of money from their blogs or websites. You should place your Adsense ads in your blog in such a way so that your blog visitors get a clear look on it. Your Adsense income depends upon the no. of ads hits per day by the blog visitors. Never place your Adsense codes in the blog where it will get lower visibility. Always try to make your ads best visibility in front of your visitors.

  • Best revenue earning opportunities

  • There are many alternatives for Google’s Adsense revenue sharing program but they pay slightly lower than the Adsense but still revenue sharing programs like infolinks, Kontera and are widely accepted worldwide. It is always profitable to monetize your blog by different revenue sharing programs as discussed above.

  • Sell advertisement slots in your blog

  • If you start getting traffic in huge quantity towards your blog, then you can expect some more cash by selling slots of ads in your blog. Many website owners love to buy advertisement slots on monthly basis to drive traffic to their websites. After reaching a good no. of visitors to your blog then you can offer webmasters or blog owners to buy your advertisement slots. You may use Digital point and warrior forums to sell your blog advertisement slots.

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