Monday, April 23, 2012

Drive heavy traffic from Yahoo answers to your blog : Power of Yahoo answers

Posted by Ajay singh at 9:09 AM

Get massive traffic from Yahoo answers to your Blog

There are various methods of getting traffic to your blog but if you are neglecting the power of Yahoo answers then you are missing a massive traffic to your blog.
Yahoo answers are getting almost 1 billion hits per day and if you able to get backlinks to your blog from Yahoo answers then you will see a boom in your blog traffic per day. Not only the heavy traffic, you will also get a higher page rank if you continuously start making backlinks in yahoo answers. Yahoo answers is having a page rank of 7/10, which is really too good as compared to other websites used for getting backlinks.

How to get traffic from Yahoo answers [Step by Step tutorial]

  1. Make an account in Yahoo answers or you can simply login with your Yahoo account to start your link building career with Yahoo answers.
  2. You will get many categories after opening Yahoo answers, just open the category of the same niche of your blog niche.
  3. You will get many questions asked by the people all over the world so just open that question and give a very reliable answer.
  4. In the reference box, don’t forget to give the link to your blog site. In this way you will get a quality backlinks from Yahoo answers.
  5. If you don't have a account, you can also buy yahoo answers level 2 accounts from many sources online.

Benefits of getting backlinks from Yahoo answers

  1. Yahoo answers is getting over 100k visitors per day.
  2. Making backlinks from Yahoo answers are FREE and easy to create.
  3. Yahoo answers is having a page rank of 7. And will help you to get a better page rank for your blog.

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