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Earn Maximum with Google Adsense with top paying Adsense keywords 2012

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List of best paying Adsense keywords in 2012

If you are struggling to get a best niche for your upcoming website that will help you to get maximum benefit from Google Adsense publisher program then you just landed to the right place. Below is the full detailed list of all the high paying Google Adsense keywords. If Adsense is your only way of income online then you should be very serious regarding the same. There are also many other ways of earning money online with your website but if you have chosen Adsense then you should make a micro niche blog because micro niche blog helps you to get maximum click from your website visitors.

Top paying Google Adsense keywords [Updated Apr 2012]

List 1

List 2

Tips and Tricks : How to proceed with Adsense high paying keywords

  1. Never to select high paying keywords as your niche if you are a newbie. Because high paying keywords are having the highest competition and if you are not an SEO expert then all your efforts will be wasted.
  2. Very hard to get high page ranking in Google results.
  3. Get best knowledge about the particular niche about your targeting niche.
  4. Always make backlinks with white hat methods, never use black hat tricks to increase you backlinks. Black hat tricks can only give you high ranking in search engines for few days but when Google start punishing your website then your website start loosing its reputation.
  5. Use Yahoo answers as the best way of getting backlinks in a full white hat method to your Adsense targeting website.

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