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Increase your page rank in 30 days guaranteed

Posted by Ajay singh at 12:26 AM

How to increase the Google page rank of your Blog

Page rank is a rank giving phenomenon to the webpage according to the popularity of that particular page on the internet by the Google. Nowadays people are running to get a better page rank. Google page rank is the numeric value ranging from 0-9. Google assign page rank according to the 5 main factors which are listed below.

Unique and quality content is the key of success

As we all know all search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo loves fresh and quality content and if you really working hard on your blog by writing unique content then search engines start crawling your blog content faster. This will increase your blog reputation among the search engines and finally yields a page rank to your blog. Copied content and poor quality posts are hated by the Google and they are very strict to the blogs or websites which are not following the guidelines as set by them. So always try to post unique content to increase your page rank.

Backlinks and only backlinks are required to get a better page rank

Some of you might be thinking what are backlinks and how they can make my page rank higher. Let me help you with the backlinks, these are the links posted on other areas of internet [for example forums, blog comments, directories], when one click on those links he will be redirected to your blog. This is the power of backlinks.

Page rank is only possible if you are having a lot backlinks to your blog or any particular post. Now you might be thinking how to get free backlinks then you should read my this post build quality backlinks to your blog for free. Google loves quality backlinks if they come in a natural manner means if you made those links manually. You can get quality backlinks from the popular websites like Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter.

Increase your number of subscribers

If you are able to increase your blog subscribers then you can enhance the popularity of your blog among search engines as if you post quality content to your website and they will link it with their own blogs then you will get backlinks and reputation as well.

Wisely use various blog network sites

There are many blog network sites available on the web which helps in contacting other blog owners. You can convince them for blog roll or you can exchange links with them. These small small tactics will surely help you to get a page rank.

Guru mantra to get a page rank within 30 days

  1. Start posting blog comments to various blogs in your niche.
  2. You can use Yahoo answerswisely to get best quality of backlinks.
  3. Submit your blog to the various blog directories.
  4. Share your blog posts in various social networking websites like Twitter Facebook Google Plus
  5. Guest blogging best for getting quality backlinks from various websites.
  6. You can buy manual link building services to get quality backlinks for your blog.
  7. You can use various forums like warrior forum and Digital point forum and make the blog url as your footer with best keywords.

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